OPERATED BY: TDI – Turkish maritime Organization
TELEPHONE: 0252-522 22 20
FAX: 0252-522 26 69
LOCATION: Lat:37° 14′ N, Long.27° 38 E
RESTRICTIONS: Gulluk is a well-protected natural harbour, not affected by winds from any direction. Deep water approaches to pier.
ANCHORAGES: vessels can drop anchor at least one mile distance and NW.ly from the pier. Depth is approximately 20m., bottom sand and mud.
PILOTAGE: is compulsory. Request for pilot should be made through local agent at least 48 hours in advance (on this particular vessel the pilot had been hired from Izmir.)
TOWAGE: not available. Mooring boat is usually hired from local fishermen.
BERTHING:One pier 170 m. long used for handling emery ore in bulk. Depths alongside 39ft. shelving to 20ft. at 90m. from seaward end.
CARGO: is delivered to quay by trucks.
Cargo Handling; No shore or mobile cranes available, all cargo handling by ship’s gear.
WORKING HOURS: are 08:00hrs – 20:00 hrs in summer, and 08:00hr -24:00hrs in winter.
FRESH WATER: available by trucks.
BUNKER: only diesel oil by trucks.