OPERATED BY : TDI-Turkish Maritime Organization
TELEPHONE: (0232) 425 87 00
FAX: (0232) 425 87 09
LOCATION: 39° 04′ N, 26° 54′ E
ANCHORAGES: vessels loaded with inflammable cargoes shall anchor off Vakiflar.
PILOTAGE: compulsory. Provided by TDI VHF channel 16.
TOWAGE: upon request can be arranged from Izmir.
WORKING HOURS: service is provided to vessels 24 hours.
FRESH WATER: available.
BUNKER: available.
AIRPORT: At Izmir. Approximately 100 km from the port.
GARBAGE DISPOSAL: service is available. Trucks will remove garbage from vessel at berth on request.
CARGO HANDLING: No shore or mobile cranes available, all cargo handling by ship’s gear.
BERTHING: The jetty lies WNW – ESE there are berths on both sides of the jetty. There is one berth on the South side with length 56.9m. and depth 7.1-8.6m., and one berth on the North side with length 56.1m. and depth 7-9m.
CARGO HANDLING FACILITIES: are general cargo, ore , coal and vegetable oil. There are also facilities for passenger vessels. Loading/Unloading rates; for general 400-500 tons, ore 500-750 tons, Coal 400-750 tons.
STORAGE FACILITIES: 5.100 sq.m. of enclosed area.