OPERATED BY: Delta Petroleum Products Co. – DORTYOL
TELEPHONE: (326) 734 16 20
FAX: (326) 734 16 37 -28
LOCATION: Lat:36° 51′ N, Long:36° 09′ E
DESCRIPTION OF THE PORT: Situated at the northern coast of Iskenderun Gulf. Black and with petroleum
products and LPG are handled at the terminal.
ANCHORAGES: is possible 2 miles west of the outer buoys.
RESTRICTIONS: Mooring is carried out during daylight only, Unmooring is carried out around the clock.
MAX.SIZE: The terminal accepts vessels up to 40,000 dwt or 220 m. LOA.
PILOTAGE: Compulsory. The pilot will meet vessels 1,5 miles off buoys. Provided by Toros Pilot on VHF channel 16, 13, 12.
TOWAGE: There are 4 tugs Provided by Botas terminal.
DENSITY: salt water 1027.
FRESH WATER: is not available. Tankers to be supplied with FW are to call Iskenderun before or after loading.
BUNKER: Through suppliers by barge.
AIRPORT: At Adana distance 100 km from the port.
BALLAST: Thera are no dirty ballast facilities. The vessel must arrive with clean ballast.
BERTHING: Vessel will moor at sea buoys. There are 4 berths . Each berth consists of 3 buoys (one portside ahead and 2 aft) Outer berth; for clean products only. Inner berth; for dirty and clean products.
Bunker berth; for vessels up to 5,000 dwt. For dirty products and LPG. No cranes available, vessels are required to use their own equipment.
LOADING: Clean products 2×8 in. hoses 1,200 t.p.h.
Dirty products 2x10in. hoses 2,000 t.p.h.
All ship’s valves should be closed or blanked, except those required for loading and water circulation purposes.