Transit Sparepart Deliver

The transit parts arriving to your ships are delivered to the port by the customs procedures.

We recommend TNT and DHL clients. To deliver ship spares parts on time to shipyards.


Crew Change Services

We serve in all of the Turkish ports in the crew change procedures…

At Transit passage

At Shipyard Repairs

At Ports and Terminals

Att: Crewmaning Co. Best Price call us

Agent Boat Service

Our reason for starting is our father.

Our father’s  job boat services continue with our New boats at shipyards area.

Tuzla Anchorage Area Chart

anchorage area


Boat Service Prices

Area 1 : 90 usd

Area 2 : 110usd

Area 3 : 150usd

Straits Passage

We trust in god
''Man, We did create from a quintessence''
Everything began with the water
Will end in water
Bosphorus and Dardanelles Strait Passages Agency Services
Your maritime assitance in Turkey

Tuzla Shipyards area

All kind of service, you need at shipyards

Very close to each other, 35 shipyards

Biggest wet dock of Turkey


We are service to you Dardanelles and Bosphorus straits Passage.

Store supply

Transit Supply

Crew Change

Port Agecy Services

We are the leading Port Agency Service provider to ship and cargo owners. We work in close partnership with our customers, responding quickly to meet thier requirements, and offering business solutions to their demands.
One of the keys to the success of our port service department is our teams being well trained, experienced, and specialized in their job. They speak the same language of shipping as your crew.
Turkey is one of the largest economies in Europe with 70 million populations and fast expanding strong economy bringing increasing volume of cargoes to be imported and exported from Turkey.
We are serving at all Turkish terminals, refineries and ports to her principals. Our head office in Istanbul acts as organizing arm of our service organization for all kinds of cargoes.

Shipyard Agency Service

Our head office located Tuzla Shipyards area .

We are watching all maneuver at shipyards from our office.

We are informing all actions asap to your office.

With good relationship with all authority offices …